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Planning to live, work or travel in China? Everyday's a New Ballgame!

Chinese Traditions and Culture in Every Day Life

Anyone planning to work, travel or live in China will find Chinese Traditions and Culture intriguing and entertaining, as well as a valuable resource in coming to understand China, it's people and how it has evolved into the country it is today. Included is a brief history of ancient China, Chinese horoscope, Chinese Religion, Chinese weddings, info and stats about China, plus useful survival information on how to live in China, how to use chopsticks and mastering the Chinese toilet, famous Chinese festivals, Chinese customs and soooo... much more.

This website is loaded with photos of China. For a bit of fun, you can learn how the Chinese toilet train their babies or be fascninated by the many Chinese superstitions. And if you are planning to spend some time in China, be sure to visit the section on learning Mandarin. It's not as difficult as you may think!

But don't stop there! If you like Chinese Food - you will find authentic Chinese food recipes that are simple to cook and will get you rave reviews!

On these pages, I talk about the hilarious, sometimes frustrating and always eye-opening experiences I had living full immersion in China. Each day brought some unexpected event or new adventure and it became addictive to see what new, weird or wonderful thing would happen next. I hope that the stories, photos of China and explanations will be a window into the heart and soul of the Chinese people and provide a clearer understanding of Chinese traditions and culture, as experienced by a foreigner in China.

China and it's curiousity about foreigners

Chinese street market for herbs and spices

Yep, that’s me in the picture to the left, spending an afternoon at a street market in what would be considered a small town (of 1 million people) in central China. I went to China in 2000, in search of ‘zen’, with the intention of enjoying a one-year sabbatical. A little travel, a little work and a little fun was my new mantra. Well, I never found “zen”, but I did end up staying in China for 6 years. I guess I found something even more interesting . . . a kind-hearted, generous people who opened their hearts to me, and a diverse country living in 2 different centuries at the same time and a fascination with Chinese tradition and culture.

Being the second white foreigner to ever visit or live in this small Chinese town (Xiantao), I was treated like a celebrity, and every trip downtown was a new and unusual experience. Sometimes, people would follow me wherever I went, like I was the pied piper. On other occasions, I would be pulled by the sleeve and dragged to a shop, where a chair would be pulled up and I would be asked to sit down. Meanwhile, a crowd of shoppers and shop owners would gather around me – and tea (boiling water) would promptly be served in a flimsy, plastic cup. The women would all admire my hands and my white skin. Soon an English student would appear to interpret – and the questions would begin. It was a very humbling experience to be treated with such awe and respect by these small-town Chinese folk who had been shut off from the rest of the world for so long.

Chinese Traditions Chinese tradition and culture explored including Beijing Opera, Tea Ceremony, Tai Chi, Caligraphy & Painting, Folk Entertainment, Courtyards, Festivals, Wisdom and more.

A Glimpse into Chinese culture A glimpse at Chinese culture. Special birthdays, men carrying handbags, adoption, one child families, playboy, pension plans and more.

China Pictures Want to get a look at real China today? Look at these China pictures.

Chinese Wedding - Full of Tradition and Culture Chinese Wedding is full of rich culture and traditional practices that in many areas of China, are still being practiced today. Lots of pictures of Chinese weddings - old and new!

Easy Chinese Food Recipes If you are looking for easy Chinese food recipes then check out these recipes!

Chinese Religion Chinese Religion. Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism. Christianity is starting to take a foothold.

Brief History of China The history of China dates back as early as 4000 B.C. Chinese civilization began with the legendary sage-emperors Huang Di and Yan Di in the area of the Yellow River Basin.

Country of China The country of China is a vast land with boundless natural resources, spectacular landscapes, colourful cultural heritage and varied national customs which make it an intriguing country.

Chinese Superstitions A look at common Chinese superstitions. Unlucky Number, Door Gods, Spirit Walls, Zig Zag Bridges and more. Learning about Chinese traditions and culture would not be complete without exploring these fascinating superstitions.

Living in China Guide to living in China. Useful information and tips on daily living. How to survive in the Chinese tradition and culture of everyday life.

Which Chinese Zodiac Sign Are You? Chinese Zodiac Sign. Find your Chinese zodiac sign, Chinese Zodiac Calendar, and Chinese Zodiac compatibility.

Chinese Festivals - A time to celebrate! Chinese Festivals - Gong Xi Fa Cai! Is the greeting that wishes you great prosperity. You’ll hear it constantly during Spring Festival, better known as the Lunar New Year.

Chinese Appetizers Great Chinese appetizers you can make at home! Authentic Chinese recipes.

Chinese Beef Recipes Delicious Chinese beef recipes you can make at home. Authentic Chinese flavours.

Chinese Lucky Numbers and Unlucky Numbers Chinese lucky numbers - do you know any? Lucky numbers-sought after by many Chinese who still believe superstitions or feng shui can influence their luck. Chinese unlucky numbers are also discussed.

The Chinese Zodiac Year Chart Which Chinese Zodiac Year are you? Find your birth date on the Chinese Zodiac chart to determine which Chinese Zodiac animal your birth date represents.

Chinese Chicken Recipes Delicious, authentic, Chinese chicken recipes you can make at home.

About Learning Mandarin Learning Mandarin is not as difficult as one might think. Many foreigners can pick up the language and be fluent within a year living in China. However, it takes longer to learn reading and writing.

Video of Three Gorges on the Yangtze River in Central China

Click arrow to make video full size. Courtesy of Explore.org

China motorbike with 7 people

You never know what you'll see on the streets of China! Count them! 9 on the motorcycle!

Chinese moving van

How things get moved in China.

crotchless pants for Chinese toddler toilet training

The Chinese toilet training method.

China washroom in department store

Ladies washroom in a department store in central China.