Chinese Wedding Symbols

I love you - 111 roses

This photo shows the groom giving the bride 111 roses - which means she is the only love of his life and he will never love another.
Paper cut of Double Happiness Symbol of Double Happiness
Double Happiness is the best wishes that if you have happiness - it will come to you doublefold. Often, marriage gifts will have this symbol on them, including teapots, wedding cards, money envelopes, papercuts and knotted wall hangings. When giving a double happiness knotted wall hanging - it is best to give two the same - they are to be hung together and never separated during the course of the marriage. Separating them will bring bad luck to the marriage.

linked arm drinking at wedding

Here we see the Bride and Groom at the wedding reception, with their arms interlocked, drinking - and the double happiness symbol behind them.

This is a peanut on the bridal bed - an old tradition symbolizing the wish for fertility and many children.

The peanut on the bed symbolizes the old tradition of the wish for fertility and many children.

The wedding invitation

Wedding Invitations are glamorous and cute.
Chinese Marriage Figurines

One of many styles of Chinese Wedding figurines - very popular among young couples today.

Teddy Bears on Wedding Car in China

Decorated Chinese Wedding Cars

Decorating wedding party cars is big business in China. They can be very elaborate. Wealthy families arrange to borrow very expensive cars for the day.

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