Ming Dynasty (1368 A.D. - 1644 A.D.)

Ming Dynasty Empress's Parents

Zhu Yuanzhang, a peasant uprising leader, founded the Ming Dynasty in 1368. He drove the Mongol Emperor away from the capital (now Beijing) and restored Han nationality rule in China. The Ming Dynasty lasted 227 years, with 16 emperors. It’s first capital was at Nanjing, and in 1421, the capital moved to Beijing. In 1644, the peasant armies under Li Zicheng overthrew the Ming Dynasty. Ming Dynasty Government Officials

During the Ming Dynasty, the development of agriculture and handicraft production brought an expansion to the commodity economy. From the middle of Ming times onward, capitalism began to burgeon in some handicraft industries along the coastal regions. There were enormous construction projects including restoration of the Grand Canal, the Great Wall and the establishment of the Forbidden City in Beijing. Overseas contracts also greatly increased with the growth of the shipbuilding industry and navigation technology. Zheng He, a famous navigator, travelled to the West in seven epic voyages from 1405 to 1433, visiting more than 30 countries throughout the South Pacific, Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf and distant Africa.

There was a great amount of literary achievement during the Ming period. The travel literature author Xu Xiake’s Travel Diaries is of high scientific and literary value. The classic fictional novel The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Water Margin, Pilgrim to the West and The Golden Lotus (Jin Ping Mei) were very well noticed and received. One of the most famous plays in Chinese history, the Peony Pavilion, was written by the Ming playwright, Tang Xianzu, and is still showing today.

Ming Dynasty Gate Architecture

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